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Barkbox Reviews: Is this the Best Dog Subscription Box?

Is your dog chewing up your furniture and clothing? As a good dog owner, your pet's mental and physical health is your responsibility. If your dog is chewing, it’s a sign of developmental growth or a sign of boredom.

Bringing some toys and chew treats into your home for your dog is a great way to occupy them while you’re trying to work or do chores.

Our Barkbox reviews unpack the offer from the leading dog subscription box service. Get treats, chews, and toys delivered directly to your door each month for an affordable cost.

We recommend Barkbox as a dog subscription product

barkbox reviews

Barkbox offers an exceptional combination of quality, price, and convenience.  


  • The best value-for-money dog subscription box.
  • It comes with high-quality chews, treats, and toys for your dog.
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages.
  • Organic chew and treat ingredients and non-toxic toys.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 5% of profits go towards animal benefits organizations.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Treats and chews made in the USA.
  • Super Chewer toys come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Only one toy with the standard Barkbox.
  • No puppy training material.

Our Barkbox Review Verdict:

We rate Barkbox as the number-one subscription box for dogs. Whether you own a puppy or a senior dog, Barkbox gives you a bunch of treats and toys to keep them entertained.

Barkbox customer service is excellent, and they attend to any query quickly. After your box ships, the Barkbox team send you a shipping notification, and you can expect the box to arrive at your doorstep in a few days.

Barkbox has the most affordable subscription box offer for dogs, and it suits canines of all ages. The Barkbox “Super Chewer” option is a great choice for heavy-chewers, and it's remarkably affordable, with a lifetime guarantee on all toys.

If you’re looking for the best subscription box for your cat, we recommend checking out “Meowbox,” it’s the Barkbox for cats.

What Is Barkbox?

Barkbox is a monthly subscription box service for your furry friend. Founded in 2011 by Henrik Werdelin, Matt Meeker, and Carly Strife, Barkbox is now the leader in dog subscription boxes.

All Barkbox toys come with high-quality design and construction, using non-toxic materials. The company’s dog treats and chews come in various flavors, including chicken, duck, beef, and turkey.

The toys are such high-quality that many of them become collector's items. Last year, the company released Barkbox weed toys in celebration of 420.

The toys were an instant sell-out, appearing on reseller platforms with price tags as high as $200. The company states it plans to reintroduce the popular range in 2021.

Barkbox offers you an affordable way to treat and entertain your dog throughout the month. Each box comes with a unique design theme, like “Peanuts” or “Home Alone.” You also have the option of entering your dog's birthday for a special birthday box.

How Do I Sign Up with Barkbox?

Signing up with Barkbox is easy. Visit the official website, and click on the signup button. The website's AI interface takes you on a guided questionnaire of your dog.

The system asks you for your dog's name, age, weight, health baits, and more. After inputting the information, you pay, and Barkbox ships you your first box within a few days.

The Barkbox AI matches your dog’s information with the best choices for toys. The company is so confident your dog will love every toy they send; they offer you a money-back guarantee on your purchase.

Is Barkbox Good for Large Dogs?

Barkbox is a great choice for all dogs. When you sign up, the websites AI chooses the right toys and treats to match your dog's breed and age.

Large dogs that like to chew might prefer going for the “Super Chewer” subscription option over the standard offer.

What Is the Barkbox “Super Chewer” Subscription?

The Super Chewer subscription from Barkbox is a nice way to upgrade your subscription for heavy-chewers. Breeds with strong jaws and obsessive personalities can be very destructive when chewing. The dog's powerful jaws make light work of destroying traditional dog toys like plushies.

If that’s the case for your dog, upgrade them to the Super Chewer. This subscription gives you two toys for your dog each month. The difference between the Super Chewer toys and the Barkbox items is the durability.

Super Chewer toys come built to last. Barkbox is so confident your dog won’t break it that they offer a free lifetime replacement if your dog destroys any toy.

Bark box Reviews – What do you get with the Barkbox Super Chewer?

Super Chewer Barkbox subscriptions come with the following items included in your box.

  • Two packs of organic healthy dog treats.
  • Two healthy organic dog chews.
  • Two rugged, durable chew toys.

The toys come backed with a lifetime guarantee against damage or destruction by your dog.

Are There Positive “Super Chewer” Barkbox Reviews?

Yes, the site has thousands of positive reviews from customers. Since starting in 2011, Barkbox ships packages to more than 2-million dogs each month.

Most dog guides and pet websites recommend Barkbox as the leading dog subscription box service. Barkbox also has an impressive social media following, with more than 3-million page likes on Facebook and 1.7-million followers on Instagram.

Look through the social feeds, and you’ll find thousands of positive comments on Barkbox and the “Super Chewer” subscription.

What Does a Barkbox Subscription Cost?

Your dog’s Barkbox Includes 5-6 products, including treats, chews, and a toy. If you want to take a subscription, you have the following plans available.

  • $35 per box for a month-to-month plan
  • $25 per box for a 6-month subscription
  • $22 per box for a 12-month subscription

The “Super Chewer” option from Barkbox includes six products. You get two bags of treats, two chews, and two toys with each parcel. Let’s not forget about the themed box.

If you want to take a Super Chewer subscription for your dog, you have the following pricing plans available.

  • $45 per box for a month-to-month plan
  • $34 per box for a 6-month subscription
  • $29 per box for a 12-month subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bullymake or Barkbox better?

Barkbox is better for most dog owners.  Barkbox is for your average dog. Most dogs enjoy chewing a bit, and they love playing with you to get a treat. However, some dogs chew more than others. Breeds like Bulldogs and Pitbull’s have strong jaws that rip through toys easily.  Bullymake offers rugged toys for dogs with powerful jaws. However, the “Super Chewer” subscription box from Barkbox gives you indestructible toys and an additional toy over the standard Barkbox subscription.

Is Barkbox worth it?

Yes, we think Barkbox is totally worth the money. Each month, you get toys and treats to the value of $45. Considering the cost of your subscription can be as low as $23 per month, that’s an incredible value.  You get plenty of savings over buying everything from the pet store separately.

Are box treats healthy?

Yes, Barkbox treats and chews are healthy. They contain no artificial coloring or harmful ingredients for your dogs.  Barkbox backs its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and only works with US suppliers of the best ingredients for its snacks and chews.

Can I cancel Barkbox at any time?

Yes, you can cancel Barkbox subscriptions at any time. However, you’ll have to wait for any existing subscription to expire. Therefore, if you’re on month three of a 6-month subscription, you’ll need to pay for the other three months before Barkbox stops billing you.

barkbox reviews

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