Barkbox Super Chewer Review – Is this the Best Dog Chew Subscription Box?

Barkbox Super Chewer Review: Is this the Best Dog Chew Subscription Box?

We know your pooch means the world to you. As a pet owner, it's your duty to feed, shelter, and care for your animal's well-being. Dogs need top-quality nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, and loving homes – just like humans.

Barkbox is a leading brand in the dog subscription box market. Founded in December 2011, Barkbox has nearly a decade of providing pet owners with top-quality treats, toys, and accessories for their furry friends.

Matt Meeker, Carly Strife, and Henrik Werdelin wanted to allow dog owners to enrich their animal's lives, creating the Barkbox subscription service.

Our Barkbox super chewer review unpacks everything you need to know about signing up for this subscription program.

We recommend Barkbox Super Chewer 

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The Barkbox Super Chewer is a monthly subscription service designed to give your dog plenty of chew toys to alleviate their anxiety. The Super Chewer is the upgraded version of the Barkbox.

Built for dogs with powerful jaws, the Super Chewer subscription gives your dogs a box of toys and treats for the month. The toys feature design and construction with durable, non-toxic materials that your dog will love chewing.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, the Super Chewer Box is a great choice for their toys. You get the following features included with your Super Chewer box.


  • A great choice for dogs with strong jaws and heavy chewing habits.
  • Lifetime guarantee and replacement of chew toys.

  • Money-back guarantee.

  • Get treats and toys for your dog every month.
  • Organic chew and treat recipes with no wheat, corn, or soy.


  • Automatic subscription renewal requires manual cancellation.

  • No options to receive fewer boxes.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Super Chewer subscription from Barkbox offers you excellent value for money. Your dog gets a bevy of treats and toys each month for less than $30.

We recommend Barkbox as one of the leading pet care subscription services available.

#1 Two Meaty Organic Chews

Chewy treats make breeds like Pitbull's and Dutch shepherds go wild. The treats come in a variety of flavors, beef, turkey, and chicken. You never know what you're getting, so it gives your dog a nice surprise.

These meaty chews are all-organic, with no soy, wheat, or corn used in the manufacturing process. Your dog gets a healthy, delicious snack they'll enjoy chewing on. The treats typically match the theme of the box, and that changes every month.

#2 Two Tough and Durable Fluff-Free Chew Toys

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you need a strong toy that stands up to its powerful teeth and jaws. The Super Chewer box comes with the toughest chew toys available.

We're not crazy about the squeaker toy, as it gets on our nerves when our dog starts fixating on the squeeze and the sound. The Acorn toy also makes a noise when your dog bites into it, but it's not as bad as the Cardinal.

All the toys are dishwasher-safe, and every toy comes with a destruction-free guarantee – If your dog destroys the toy, Barkbox sends you a replacement free of charge.

#3 Two Bags of US or Canada-Made Treats

When signing up for the Super Chewer subscription, you'll need to mention if your dog has any allergies. Barkbox considers this when packing your poochies treats.

The two bags of treats come with an organic recipe and chicken, beef, bacon, duck, or turkey flavors for your dog. They're meaty, and your dog will love the delicious texture and taste of the treats.

Like the meaty chews, the treats come free of ingredients like soy, wheat, or corn. They're easy to digest, and you get enough for a few treats each day.

#4 The Option for a Durable Toy when Available

The Super Chewer subscription runs a promotion from time-to-time where you have the option of adding an additional toy to your box, free of charge.

#5 Theme Cards

You get a unique theme for your box every month. Some of the past themes include The Knights of the Hound Table, Age of the Furaoh, Paradise Unleashed, and more.

Every box comes with a unique theme card for owners to collect; Barkbox even makes its subscription fun for owners!

Barkbox Super Chewer Review – What's the Price?

You have the option of signing up for the Super Chewer subscription service at the following price points.

  • $45 per Super Chewer box for the month-to-month plan.
  • $35 per Super Chewer box for a six-month subscription.
  • $29 per Super Chewer box for a 12-month subscription.
  • Adding the Extra Toy Club to your subscription gets your dog an extra toy in every box for $9 per month.
  • Note that Barkbox Super Chewer ships to the contiguous 48 states, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Overall, you're paying around $3.22 per item in the box. Each box comes with at least $45 worth of treats and toys for the $29 price tag – that's a bargain.

Your first Super Chewer box ships right away, and all other boxes ship on the 15th of each month.

The Super Chewer coupon is a great way to get more value out of the deal. However, it recently ended on the 17th of January 2021. This deal gives your dog an extra toy in the box, with a total box value of $84.

Be on the lookout for future deals when signing up for the Super Chewer subscription. If you sign up for the email list, you can get 10% off your order; that's a nice bonus and worth the incentive.

Barkbox Super Chewer Review – How Do I Start?

Signing up with Barkbox Super Chewer subscription is easy. Visit the companies official website, or purchase it online from one of the affiliated retailers or partners.

When you start the website's signup process, it walks you through a quiz designed to get to know your bogs preferences.

You'll start by entering your dog's gender and name. Next, you'll need to list the breed and size based on its weight.

The Super Chewer algorithm uses the quiz information to identify the best chew toys and treats for your dog.

Owners also have the option of entering their dog's birthday. Choosing this option gives you a special edition Super Chewer box during your dog's birthday month.

The quiz wraps up by asking if your dog has any food allergies. From there, you have the option of choosing one of the three payment plans for your box mentioned earlier.

You have the option of choosing a random theme or specific theme for your first Super Chewer box. All other Super Chewer boxes come with a surprise theme.

Our favorite is the "Sniffs from the Abyss" theme, including fish-theme chew toys and lamb treats for our furry friend.

Barkbox Super Chewer Review FAQ

Is Barkbox Super Chewer worth it? 

Yes, you get $45 worth of toys each month for a $29 subscription fee. There's plenty of value in the box, including chew toys, treats, and meaty chews to satisfy your dog's gnawing needs. It's excellent value for money, and the millions of subscribers all leave positive reviews.

Is Barkbox good for heavy chewers?  

Yes, The Super Chewer toys come with a lifetime guarantee. If your dog destroys it, send it back for a free replacement. The Barbox Super Chewer subscription is ideal for breeds like Pitbull's and bulldogs that have powerful jaws and enjoy chewing for hours.

Is Bullymake or Barkbox better?

Both options offer a fantastic subscription service. However, we think it's a better idea to go with the Super Chewer subscription; you get a lifetime guarantee on all the chew toys. Bullymake is also $10 more expensive on its monthly subscription.

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