Barkbox vs Bullymake – Which Is the Better Dog Subscription Box?

Barkbox vs Bullymake: Dog Subscription Boxes Detailed Comparison

Are you tired of your dog chewing on your slippers and the furniture? Why not sign them up for a dog subscription box service?

Bullymake and Barkbox are the top brands in this competitive space. So, which one deserves your business? Both options give you an affordable way to treat and entertain your dog each month, but which is the better choice for your puppy?

In this review, we’ll compare offers from Barkbox vs. Bullymake to see which is the better option for your furry friend.

We recommend Barkbox…..

barkbox reviews

Barkbox offers an exceptional combination of quality, price, and convenience.  

Barkbox vs Bullymake – The Verdict

According to Barkbox and Bullymake reviews, Barkbox seems to be the preferred choice for dog owners. Both companies have a similar offer, and they offer excellent value for money.

However, some of the small differences between the two swayed our choice towards Barkbox Super Chewer for your dog.

Price and Value – When it comes to the price, we recommend going with Barkbox Super Chewer. It’s a few dollars cheaper each month, and that adds up over the year. Barkbox also offers more value with more meaty chews and durable toys.

Better Treats – The Barkbox included two packets of treats and two meaty chews. With the Bullymake subscription, you get three packs of goodies and no meaty chews.

Lifetime Guarantee – Barkbox offers you a lifetime guarantee on its toys. If your dog destroys any of them, send them back for a replacement. Bullymake only provides a limited 30-day return period for its toys.

Overall, we feel that the Barkbox Super Chewer is the better option for your dog and your budget. This company has a reliable, established reputation, with millions of followers on Facebook and nearly 400k followers on Instagram.

Both companies make fantastic products, but we think that Bullymake toys have better durability. However, the lifetime guarantee from Barkbox on all Super Chewer toys makes it a moot point for Bullymake.

Barkbox Reviews

Barkbox is a startup founded in 2011 by Matt Meeker, Carly Strife, and Henrik Werdelin. The company is the oldest and most established player in the dog subscription box market.

Barkbox has a huge social media following, with more than 3-million page likes on Facebook. The company has plenty of 5-star reviews on Google and an excellent reputation online. Currently, they offer one of the best deals for dog subscription boxes.


The Barkbox Super Chewer subscription is slightly cheaper for the annual and six-month plans than Bullymake. However, they don’t have any three-month option, and the monthly plan is $6 more expensive than Bullymake.

  • $45 per Super Chewer box for the monthly plan.
  • $35 per Super Chewer box for a six-month plan.
  • $29 per Super Chewer box for a 12-month plan.
  • Adding an extra toy to your package costs an additional $9 per month.

What Do You Get with Barkbox?

Your Barkbox comes with two toys and two packets of treats for your furry friend. You also get two meaty chews included with your subscription.

It has everything you need to get them through the month. The toys feature a heavy-duty design with durable materials, and you geta free replacement if your dog destroys any of the toys. All the toys come fluff-free, ensuring your dog can’t rip off any fluffy parts.

The treats come in a variety of flavors, including beef, duck, chicken, and lamb. You also get two meaty chews for your dog, available in chicken, beef, and turkey. Your dog will love the flavors and the variety.

Barkbox Pros and Cons


  • A lifetime guarantee comes included with all toys.
  • Options to upgrade your box with an extra toy.

  • Affordable annual subscriptions.
  • Meaty chews included.


  • Fewer toys than Bullymake in the standard subscription plan.
  • The monthly plan is more expensive than Bullymake.

Bullymake Reviews

According to Bullymake box reviews, they design all toys for heavy chewers. The company doesn’t offer any other version and focuses on providing toys for breeds like Pitbulls, Alsatians, and Bulldogs that love gnawing on anything they can find.

Colin Hatzmann founded the company in 2014 with the vision of bringing a subscription service to dog owners looking for reliable and durable chew toys and treats for their animals. Hatzmann bootstrapped the company, growing it into a successful business.


The subscription cost is slightly higher for the Bullymake monthly box than the Super Chewer subscription if you take an annual plan. However, Bullymake has a more affordable monthly payment plan. You have the following payment options when selecting your subscription level.

  • $39 per Super Chewer box for the month-to-month plan.
  • $36 per Super Chewer box for a three-month subscription.
  • $34 per Super Chewer box for a six-month subscription.
  • $31 per Super Chewer box for a 12-month subscription.

What Do You Get with Bullymake?

Your dog’s Bullymake monthly box comes with two to three chew toys, featuring design and construction with “Bullymake Ballistic” materials that stand up to your dog’s abuse. All chew toys and treats included with your subscription package are made in America.

 You also get three delicious packages of treats for your dog. Some of the flavors include; Chicken Tenders, Bullywurst, Lovely Lamb bites, and Quacksticks. Your dog will love them all, and they’ll beg for more.

Bullymake Pros and Cons


  • It comes with an extra chew toy compared to the Super Chewer box.

  • Options for toy-only subscriptions.


  • Dogs might not need three toys each month.
  • More expensive than the Super Chewer box.
  • No meaty chews included.
  • No theme to the monthly box.
  • Limited guarantee on chew toys.

Barkbox vs Bullymake – How Do I Start with Barkbox or Bullymake?

Starting with Bullymake or Barkbox is easy. Both companies use a similar signup process, and you’ll have your first box shipped to your right after signing up.

Visit the official website of Bullymake or Barkbox, and start the signup process. You’ll need to enter information about your dog so the systems AI can determine the best toy and treat options for your dog.

Some of the information requested in the process involves your dog’s name, age, weight, breed, and food allergies. After completing the quiz, you have the option of selecting your plan.

Choose the plan that suits your budget and your dog’s entertainment needs, and make your purchase. It’s always a better idea to go with the annual plans, as you can save up to 20% on your order.

Every month, Bullymake or Barkbox ship your dog a package. Barkbox offers the addition of a theme for each box, giving your dog more variety throughout the year.

Both sites run promotions, so check on their social media feeds for discounts and special offers. Both companies offer free shipping to all states in the continental US, except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose Bullymake or Barkbox?

After extensively reviewing both companies, we recommend subscribing to the Barkbox Super Chewer program. You get better toys, a lifetime guarantee, and better pricing for an annual subscription. Bullymake has a great offer, but we feel you get better value from the Barkbox Super Chewer.  

What saying about Barkbox and Chewy?

Barkbox is the leading dog subscription box brand. The company specializes in treats and toys for dogs, and they don’t have an option for cats. However, Chewy offers you choices for cats and dogs, with affordable monthly subscriptions. However, it’s important to note that the toy quality from Chewy isn’t as good as Barkbox, and you don’t get a lifetime guarantee on the toys.

How does Barkbox compare to Bullymake and Pupbox?

Barkbox is the best online subscription box service for your dog. Bullymake is a great brand, but we feel the limited guarantee on the toys and the slightly higher subscription fee makes Barkbox the better choice. The toys in the Barkbox Super Chewer are far more durable than those in the Pupbox subscription box.

barkbox reviews

Barkbox Special Offer

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