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Barkbox vs Chewy: Dog Subscription Boxes Compared

Your dog did it again; that’s the third pair of slippers they went through this week – this behavior has to stop. It’s time to get your dog a few chew toys to prevent them from decimating your footwear. 

A subscription box service is a great choice to treat and entertain your dog each month. You receive a parcel each month containing treats and chew toys for your dog.

There are dozens of providers online, but which offers the best option for your dog? This review looks at two of the top contenders in the space. 

Our Barkbox vs Chewy comparison gives you everything you need to know about these companies to choose the right subscription box for your furry friend.

We recommend Barkbox…..

barkbox reviews

Barkbox is the perfect balance between convenience. affordability, and quality.  


  • Specifically for dog owners.
  • An AI-assisted assessment process for choosing the best toys.
  • Options for normal and heavy-chewers.
  • Affordable annual subscriptions.
  • It comes with a good balance of chew toys and treats.


  • More expensive than Chewy.

Our Barkbox vs Chewy Verdict:

If we have to pick a winner between Barkbox and Chewy, we go with Barkbox. You get a better selection of toys, and there is an option for heavy-chewers with the “Super Chewer” subscription.

Barkbox might cost a few dollars extra each month, but we feel it’s worth the money. However, if you want a subscription that focuses more on treats than toys, Chewy is the better choice.

What Is Barkbox?

Backbox is the leader in the dog subscription box space. Founded in 2011 by Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin, and Carly Strife.

Barkbox ships you a monthly box containing chew toys and treats for your pup. Barkbox offers you a standard Barkbox option and a “Super Chewer” version for dogs that like to chew.

What Is Chewy?

Chewy also offers affordable subscription services, and they have options for dogs and cats. The Chewy dog box subscription is a popular choice for most breeds, but it might not be suitable for heavy-chewers. 

Unfortunately, Chewy doesn’t offer options for heavy-chewing breeds – which is surprising considering the companies name.

Chewy Pros and Cons

chewy logo


  • More treat options for dogs.
  • Bandana included.


  • Not brand-specific to dog owners.
  • No options for heavy-chewing dogs.
  • Soft toys are not suitable for some breeds.
  • More treats, fewer toys.No guarantee on toys.

Barkbox vs Chewy – What Do You Get with Chewy Goodie Boxes?

Chewy is a fully-functional online pet store. Logging onto the official website gives you access to everything from pet toys to food and medication for your animals. 

According to Chewy reviews, they are one of the best online pet stores, with a wide range, affordable prices, and free shipping.

However, the company also offers a subscription box service for your dog or cat, called “Chewy Goodie Boxes.” 

Since we’re focusing on dogs here, we’ll look at the offer for canines specifically in this review. You get the following items included in your Chewy Birthday Goodie box for dogs.

  • Three treats in different flavors.
  • A plush squeaky birthday cake toy.
  • A thermoplastic rubber-bone chew toy
  • An exclusive Chewy birthday bandana.

Chewy offers you different options for your dog. You have specific goodie boxes designed for large and small breeds, as well as for adult dogs and puppies. 

With the standard Goodie box for dogs, you get the following six hand-picked items. 

  • American Journey Landmark All Natural Chicken Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • USA Bones & Chews Roasted Marrow Bone 6″ Dog Treat
  • All Kind Latex Dinosaur Dog Toy
  • Frisco Chewy Dog & Cat Bandana
  • Bocce’s Bakery Crispies Beef Liver & Cheese Recipe Dog Treats
  • American Journey Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy Biscuit Dog Treats

The Chewy subscription focuses more on treats than it does toys, but your dog still gets something to play with, and let’s not forget about the cool exclusive bandana.

What Do You Get with Barkbox Super Chewer Toys?

Unlike Chewy, Barkbox has a focus on providing dog owners with a subscription box service. They don’t offer any other pet products or services, and they don’t work with any other animals other than dogs. 

Barkbox is always introducing new products to its line, and you can expect fresh new toys in your box every month. 

The Barkbox toys maple syrup is a great example of fantastic toys available through your Barkbox subscription. 

According to Barkbox reviews, the company has a solid reputation for producing top-quality toys and organic treats that dogs love. 

With a huge social media following, Barkbox is a successful brand on Facebook and Instagram, with plenty of followers and page likes. 

When you order from Barkbox, you don’t get multiple options for large and small dogs. Instead, you go through a personalized questionnaire process designed to get the systems AI to understand your dog’s breed, age, weight, and other key information.

The system then chooses your dogs toys based on their needs. Barkbox comes with two options. The first is the standard Barkbox, and the second is the “Super Chewer” subscription.

The standard Barkbox includes the following items. 

  • Two innovative dog toys designed for your dog’s needs.
  • Two bags of all-natural organic treats made in the USA.
  • An all-natural chew available in three tasty flavors.
  • A theme design to the box that changes each month.

However, these toys aren’t the best options for owners that have heavy-chewing dogs. If you have a breed that loves to chew, you can order the “Super Chewers” subscription box instead.

The Super Chewer subscription comes with the following items.

  • Two tough, durable chew toys.
  • Two meaty chews in various flavors.
  • Two packs of treats in different flavors.
  • A themed box design that changes each month.

With the Super Chewer box, you get a lifetime guarantee on all your toys. If your dog destroys any of them, send them back to Barkbox for a free replacement.

Barkbox vs Chewy – What’s the Price Difference?

Barkbox pricing for the standard and Super Chewer boxes are the same.

  • $45 per Super Chewer box for the monthly subscription plan.
  • $35 per Super Chewer box for a six-month subscription plan.
  • $29 per Super Chewer box for a 12-month subscription plan.
  • Add an extra toy to your package for an additional $9 each month.

It’s a better idea to go with the annual package when choosing your plan. With a yearly subscription, you save nearly $200 off the monthly costs of a yearly plan. 

It’s a few dollars more per month than the Chewy subscription, but you get more toys and better-quality products.

With Chewy, all the Goodie Box subscriptions cost you $24.99 per month, and there are no options for a super-chewers.

Barkbox vs Chewy – The Verdict

If we have to pick a winner between Barkbox and Chewy, we go with Barkbox. You get a better selection of toys, and there is an option for heavy-chewers with the “Super Chewer” subscription. 

Barkbox might cost a few dollars extra each month, but we feel it’s worth the money. However, if you want a subscription that focuses more on treats than toys, Chewy is the better choice. 

barkbox reviews

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