"The Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats Today "

Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats: Premium Nutrition Options Compared

There is a stark difference in the way indoor cats will live compared to outdoor cats. They'll likely be safer, better-fed, and perhaps more pampered too. However, they do miss out on the exploration and territorial actions that their outdoor counterparts enjoy. 

So, keeping them fit and healthy with the right nutrition is a crucial part of their care. But trying to pick the best cat food for indoor cats can be confusing and time-consuming. So, to save you time, energy, and trouble, we've put together this list of the best cat-food for your indoor feline. 

How we picked the best cat food for indoor cats

As passionate pet-lovers ourselves, we’ve closely followed the trends in the cat-food industry for decades now. Over the years, we’ve kept tabs on the latest developments in veterinary care and cat nutrition. 

Then, we scoured the market shelves and online stores for those foods that offer the right nourishment for indoor kitties. Each cat food that made the final cut was then referenced to a panel of experts. Finally, with some more research, cross-referencing, and patterns in cat-health, we narrowed down three products that stood over the competition. 

Our verdict is that the best cat food for indoor cats may not be a single product but a combination of three incredibly nutritious alternatives. 

Our Final Picks on the Best Cat food for Indoor Cats

Wellness Complete Health Pate, Turkey & Salmon (Best Wet Food for Indoor Cats)

Wellness Pet Food has excelled in the wet cat food industry for a few decades now (since the 1990s). Working out of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, they supply cat food that's fully in line with FDA requirements. 

Their recipes come with the recommendations of vets, nutritionists, and a host of pet-lovers that forms the Wellness Pet Community. So, this one’s an excellent food-choice for indoor cats that require both taste and health. 

The Wellness Complete Health Pate comes in several flavors. However, we've found that the Turkey & Salmon provides the ideal protein that indoor cats may miss out on. But there's actually no fixed rule to this formula, so you can always try out the other flavors too. 

The Turkey & Salmon Pate includes ingredients like healthy fats, lean meats, veggies, and fruits. You can be sure that they don’t add any soy, corn, wheat, or other frills and fake flavors. Also, the pate does not contain any preservatives or coloring agents. 

Indoor cats can often stay dehydrated because they dislike drinking out of a metal bowl or container. The pate forms the ideal wet food (more than 70% moisture) that helps it hydrate even with meals. Wellness Pet also believes that their line of wet foods can increase energy, improve immunity, and shine up your pet’s coat. While this may not happen in each case, it generally looks to be true. 


  • It's an ideal food choice for younger indoor cats and kittens. 
  • It includes flax seeds for Omega 3 fatty acids and carrots for antioxidants. 


  • It’s quite expensive for a 12-ounce cat food product. 

Crave Grain-free High-protein Dry Cat Food (Best Dry Food for Indoor Cats)

The best cat food for indoor cats should provide the protein-rich diet outdoor cats might thrive on. The Crave High-protein Dry Cat Food aims to do that exactly. Crave, as a cat food brand, understands this aspect of a cat’s appetite and behavior. Crave Dry Cat Food offers the balanced yet protein-rich diet that your indoor cat’s outdoor ancestors would’ve survived on. 

The Crave Grain-free Dry Food comes in a 10-lbs bag. Here, about 40% of the content is high-protein. Real chicken makes up the top item among all the listed ingredients. However, it's not all just protein with this product. Your indoor cat also gets quality carbohydrates, essential minerals, and much-needed vitamins. 

Also, the food is completely free of any wheat, grain, and soy protein. So, your cat gets the healthiest nutrition in every ounce of cat-food from this bag. The packaging also includes instructions on how to use this food based on your cat’s size and weight. 


  • It’s an ideal companion to a wet cat food diet if you already have the previous product. 
  • This Dry Cat Food is one of the best value-for-money deals given its price and nutritional value.


  • The only drawback with the Crave High-protein Dry Food is that it’s not a great alternative for kittens. 

Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Canned Cat Food (Best Cat Food for Aging Indoor Cat) 

A common trend among indoor cats is that they tend to live longer than their outdoor cousins. It’s mostly because of the care and oversight they get in a home. However, this means they also experience aging problems like immobility or loss of appetite more than others. The Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Cat Food fits the bill of these cases when your aging cat starts experiencing issues. 

As a brand, Royal Canin has been in the pet-food industry for more than five decades now. This experience has helped them accumulate expertise, testing procedures, and nutritional knowledge for cats of all ages. 

For this product, Royal Canin provides a special formula that’s easier to consume and digest. That’s a big leg up for aging indoor cats who often experience appetite issues. The palatable proteins come accompanied by vital minerals and vitamins that keep your senior cat more agile and mobile. 

The Omega 3 fatty acids and controlled phosphorus give it better joint strength and kidney functions. Even your oldest cat can find something appetizing in the thin slices with the additional carbohydrates and fats. 


  • This Royal Canin Canned Food is especially ideal for aging cats beyond 12 years. 
  • Their vast experience has taught Royal Canin how to combine taste and nutrition with health and safety. 


  • With the rich chemicals in the ingredients, it may not suit certain cats that have food restrictions. 

Final Note

Senior house cats can often develop a host of both minor and major problems. Keeping them healthy and nourished is a vital part of pet-care and nurturing. These are our favorite picks when it comes to the best cat food for indoor cats. However, we advise you to run things by your vet before you make a complete shift in your aging cat’s diet and meals. 

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