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Best Pet Food Storage Container: Top Expert Recommendations Compared

When you buy treats, kibble, and other food for your pets, you want them to stay fresh and safe. Also, buying pet food in bulk can help you save costs and multiple trips to the store. But you don’t want them to lose any taste or nutrition. 

So, you want to store them in the best pet food storage containers you can get. Today, we'll take you through the basics of choosing the right containers. Also, we'll share with you our picks for the best containers available today!

How does a good pet storage container help?

The right storage container for pet food will give you multiple benefits. Here are a few:

Good storage containers help keep the food fresh. In defective containers, the food can lose taste or texture, which your pet may not like. 

Pet storage containers prevent rodents or pests from coming in contact with your pet’s food. So, you can potentially avoid health issues and diseases in your pets. 

Airtight containers can hold pet food without letting in moisture or tiny particles. So, there’s no risk of mold or bacteria building up on the kibble. 

The best pet storage containers come with added features or convenience for you too. You can have separate compartments, easier food dispensing, better design, etc., based on what you prefer.

Our picks for the best pet food storage containers

Simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Can (Most Ergonomic Container)

Simplehuman is a company that makes containers and home-ware for more convenient living. Efficiency is a keyword in all of their products. And it's clearly visible in the Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can. Starting in 2000, they've put out countless products that make everyday life easier. This 27lbs container is a great example of how they combine simplicity with ease-of-use in their containers.

The container measures 19.4 (H) x 18.1 (D) x 10.4 (W) inches. So, you get ample storage space with the height, but you still save space with the compact base. One of the standout features of this container is the inner bucket. It's made from BPA-free material and is removable. You also get built-in wheels that make it easy to push around. 

There is a clamp in the handle that locks the lid shut. The handle is large but well-designed to suit any hand size. It really adds to the overall ergonomic quality of the can. The gasket (silicone) keeps it under an airtight enclosure, so your pet food stays fresh. 

The Simplehuman Pet Storage Can comes with a whopping 10-year period of warranty.  


  • It’s a simple and efficient pet storage with no frills. 
  • You get a magnetic scoop that attaches to the inside of the lid. 


  • Due to its tall height, you might have to bend over more as the can empties down. 
  • The price may be too expensive for some buyers. 

Iris Inc. USA Large Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage (Best Space-saving pet food storage)

Iris Inc. USA has manufactured essential home products since 1994 (the Iris corporation had existed since the 70s). So, they certainly have the experience to design and create the best pet food storage containers. Their Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage is an innovation that many pet owners still swear by. 

This container doubles up as a feeder thanks to the two bowls that come attached at the top. The advantage here is that your pet’s feeding bowl and food storage occupy the same space. So, you don’t stumble on pet bowls lying around the kitchen floor. The elevated position of the feeder also helps in reducing the strain on your pet’s neck. 

The snap-lock latch keeps the contents under airtight conditions. Also, it doubles up as a carrying handle when you want to lift the container. 

Iris Inc. manufactures this model in three convenient sizes. They can hold 5lbs, 13lbs, and 47lbs respectively. You can use the small model for cats and smaller dogs. The 13lbs may suit dog breeds like Corgis and Beagles better. If you have a breed like the German Shepherd, go for the 47lbs container. 


  • You get a two-in-one feeder bowl and storage container with this model. 
  • The elevated feeder makes food more accessible for your pet. 


  • It's not great when you're in a hurry to feed your pets. Unlatching, removing feeder, re-latching, etc., can be cumbersome sometimes.

TBMax Pet Food Container for Dogs & Cats (Best Budget Option)

While TBMax isn’t a big name in the industry, they’re one of the more underrated manufacturers of food containers. Besides pet food storage, they also offer kitchen essentials and related products. Their products come from quality materials built for durability. But the most redeeming aspect of their containers is the incredibly affordable prices. 

While the price is budget-friendly, you get top-shelf quality of material and construction. With BPA-free plastic and an airtight lid, it keeps food safe and nutritious. It's also dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. So, you can store a variety of pet treats and foods. Furthermore, the unit is light enough to carry around and easy to clean when necessary. All these features make it one of the best pet food storage containers around. 

You also get a measuring cup and a pouring nozzle for added convenience. The spout allows you to pour the pet food directly from the container without removing the lid. And the measuring cup is handy when you need precise servings during certain meals. 


  • It’s one of the most pocket-friendly pet food containers available. 
  • The measuring cup doubles as a feeder, and the spout offers extra ease whenever you're pouring. 


  • The 2L/4.4lbs container is too small for most pets. Less storage means you’ll have to make more trips to the store. 

Final Note

The best pet food storage container for you will be the one that fits your specific pet needs. There are rarely any one-design-fits-all types of products. So, finding the right product also depends on your pet, feeding space, eating habits, etc. The products mentioned here each come with specific advantages as well as general benefits. As far as our picks go, we’d bank on any of these models for our pet needs. 

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