The Best Raw Cat Food you can get today.

Best Raw Cat Food: Top Healthy Picks Based on Expert Guidance

Choosing the right nutrition is a crucial step in ensuring that your cat lives a healthy and happy life. So, getting the right information can go a long way in making the ideal food choices for your pet. 

What is the best type of cat food?

To start with, there’s no single quality that makes a particular pet food clearly better than the rest. However, if it does come down to one type, we’d place our bets on raw cat food. The best raw cat food will not have too many preservatives or sugars. Our feline friends are primarily carnivorous. So, feeding them too much artificial flavors is not great in the long run. 

Raw cat food is the closest thing we have to their primal appetite. And it gives them the most organic food that’s true to their natural tastes. 

How to choose the best raw cat food?

We’re not just talking about any run-off-the-mill raw food here. For one, we want cat food that's from reliable sources. Secondly, the type of meat and ingredients really matters for taste and nutrition. We'd also want to know if any special properties make it slightly better than the competition. Finally, it’s important to know if there are any downsides to a particular product. 

With these parameters in mind, we’ve scoured the market shelves and online stores for the best cat food. And today, we’re glad to share this insightful look into the best raw cat food products available right now. 

Best raw cat foods to buy

Stella & Chewy’s Raw Yummy Lickin’ Salmon & Chicken Dinner Morsels Cat Food (Most Well-balanced Option)

If you want a no-nonsense cat food that checks every box in nutrition and taste, go for Stella & Chewy’s Raw Salmon & Chicken Morsels. Stella & Chewy’s is known for its High-Pressure Processing (HPP) food preparation. It's a system that eliminates pathogens, retains the taste, and offers all the nutrients. 

Stella & Chewy’s is run by Marie Moody, a pet lover and long-time aficionado of pet nutrition. Starting from a small kitchen in her apartment back in 2003, today they operate out of a sprawling facility in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. 

Their meat morsels have a combination of salmon and chicken, two classic favorites for any cat. Wild-caught fish make up 98% of the salmon morsels. And the chickens used in this cat food are always hormone-free and reared cage-free! Also, it’s a balanced mixture of organs, bones, and meat. So, it’s pretty darn close to what a natural raw cat-diet should look like. 

One of the best things about their food composition is that they don’t use any grains or fillers in the mixture. The food comes without any anti-biotics, gluten, or artificial flavoring. So, it’s a healthy option regardless of the age and condition of your pet cat. 


  • It’s an ideal food choice for every stage of your cat’s life.
  • It doesn’t contain any fillers or grain (3.5 oz of healthy nutrition). 


  • Stella & Chewy’s do not reveal the distribution of bone, meat, and organ in the food.

Vital Essentials All-natural Minnows Cat Treats (Best Cat Treats)

Vital Essentials is a true leader in the raw pet food business, that stands out for its treats and snacks. They run the service from Green Bay, Wisconsin. As a family-owned business, they ensure that their products all come from USDA-inspected protein. They have a presence in more than a dozen countries, and over 5000 US pet specialty outlets sell their products. 

Pet treats usually come as small snacks that smell and taste great for your pet. But they don’t normally provide the nutrition that proper pet food offers. However, Vital Essential’s Minnows Cat treats give you the best of both worlds! They manage to do this with highly trained employees and through certified food safety programs. 

Your kitty will love the raw meat that comes from fresh Minnows. They’re as close to raw minnows you can get. Hence, your cat gets a real taste of what its original carnivorous diet would’ve been like. And it doesn’t have any fillers or hormones. So, you get the nutrition and protein that your feisty feline needs. 


  • This lovely treat comes without any rendered by-products or flavorings.
  •  They have an EU-certified facility, along with a food safety program that partners with Kansas State University. 


  • The minnow pieces may be too large for some kittens or smaller indoor cats.

Feline Natural Healthy Chicken and Lamb (Best for Older Cats)

Feline Natural manufactures and supplies its products from Christchurch, New Zealand. And they have 15 years of experience in the pet food industry. They also have a dedicated dog food line called K9 Naturals. New Zealand is a country known for supplying some of the cleanest foods, and it’s no different with their pet food. With a rich blend of natural protein and world-class nutrition, this one is surely one of the best raw cat foods around.

Feline Natural's Chicken & Lamb Feast is a low-carb, high-meat, and grain-free cat food that covers all you'd want in your feline's diet. The meat comes from animals that roam free and thrive in the natural environment. Although it's sourced from NZ, they strictly follow the regulations by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). 

The Chicken& Lamb Feast is appropriate for cats at any stage. However, they can really suit the dietary needs of senior cats. You can feed them as whole meals or even sprinkle them on other cat food as toppings. 


  • Feline Natural’s products are free of legumes, preservatives, and GMO ingredients.
  • The naturally sourced uncaged meat and AAFCO regulations ensure that you get the highest quality protein for your senior cat.


  • Some older cats may refuse to eat freeze-dried food. So, you may need a trial run or combine it with its normal diet. 

Final Note

Our feline friends need both taste and nutrition from their diet (just like us). And finding the right products is key to ensure that your cat lives long, healthy, and happy. Each item here is among the best raw cat food items available today. So, try one and see the difference in your cat’s nutrition! 

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