The Best Wet Cat Food to Buy Right Now

Best Wet Cat Food to Buy: Compare Canned and Noncanned Options

Feeding your cats with the right food is a crucial part of healthy pet-care. If you’ve only stuck to dry kibble so far, throwing in some wet food will do wonders for your feline’s wellbeing. Dry cat food can often run low on moisture. And many cats don’t prefer sipping straight out of a dish or standing water. 

So, there's no doubt that wet food brings more variety to an ordinarily dry diet. But what are the best wet cat food products? Today, we’re going to share with you our top picks for wet cat food products. Let’s begin!

How do the best wet cat foods help?

Before we jump into the actual products, here are a few ways your cat will benefit if when you try the items below. 

  • The first benefit is, obviously, hydration. Cats aren’t great at drinking water. On average, one lap of the tongue gives them barely 3% of a teaspoon. Water plays a crucial role in their bodily processes, internal temperature, and overall health. Wet cat food can bring this vital addition to their diets. 
  • Kittens and aging cats both need more protein to keep their body mass and organs healthy. Wet food often contains considerable amounts of protein. 
  • Finally, wet cat food can add more variety to an otherwise dry diet. Your feline friend will surely enjoy the variety of tastes and textures that these foods offer. 

Our Picks for the Best Wet Cat Foods

Wellness Complete Health Pate (Best for Kittens)

Wellness Pet Foods is based out of Tewksbury, Massachusetts. And since the 1990s, they’ve provided tasty recipes with natural ingredients that pets love. Their Food Safety Program is in line with the FDA’s requirements. And they enjoy the reputation of supplying incredibly hygienic and nutritious food for cats and dogs. Wellness Pet Foods take pride in the fact that their pet foods come with the direction of vets, nutritionists, and pet lovers in general.

Their Complete Health Pate is wet canned-food that’s especially nutritious for kittens and younger felines. Their ingredients include rich proteins, essential fatty acids, veggies, and fruits. Very importantly, this wet cat food adds the necessary hydration for your kitten’s mealtime. Up to 78% of this wet food is moisture, and the rest is protein, fat, fiber, etc.

Wellness Pet Foods maintain that their nutrition helps in energy-building, digestion, healthy skin/coat, immunity, and healthy teeth. Also, this product comes with added Taurine, which improves your cat's eyesight and heart condition.


  • The product comes with detailed instructions on how much to feed your kitten based on body weight and age. 
  • It also comes with added antioxidants (carrots) and Omega fatty acids (flax seeds). 


  • The rich ingredients and superior nutrition come at a higher price than other products. 

Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Canned Cat Food (Best for Aging cat)

Royal Canin is not a new name in the pet food industry. Started by a vet back in 1968, Royal Canin has been a consistent creator of pet food for the past five decades. With rigorous safety and testing measures, their supplies always check out for the highest quality pet food. They combine environment-friendly methods with innovative solutions to bring pet food that’s healthy, nutritious, and of the best quality. 

This product is especially recommended for senior cats that are 12 or older. The Omega 3 fatty acids allow your senior cat to avoid joint problems. So, it stays more mobile and active for longer periods. The ideal combination of proteins and fats will allow even the choosy eaters to get a proper fill. The controlled phosphorous levels also allow your cat’s organs to remain healthy. 

The ingredients include pork and chicken organs as well as flour and vegetable oil. It also comes with a rich base of vitamins, supplements, and necessary acids that help your elderly cat's metabolism. It’s in the form of thin slices of food that come soaked in gravy. So, it’s about as wet as wet cat food can get. 


  • It’s a great choice even for those aging cats who lose appetite for ordinary food. 
  • Royal Canin’s decades of experience allow them to create recipes that are time-tested and reliable. 


  • Their formula contains a lot of recommended chemicals too. So, it may not be ideal for cats who have special dietary needs.

Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food (Best for Variety)

Sheba is a renowned cat-food brand dedicated to feline foods and treats. They stand out because they don’t dabble around in all types of pet foods. So, they’re a brand that focuses their efforts and products specifically on cat nutrition. With international sites in 18 countries, Sheba is a company that’s trusted the world over. 

The biggest advantage with the Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Pate is that they offer a wide variety of ingredients. Our feline friends enjoy having food-variety, and their palette is incredibly discerning. So, this variety pack serves that ideal range of food-diversity that offers both taste and nutrition. 

The pack has a total of 48 servings, and each twin-pack weighs about 1.3 ounces. It comes with 12 delicate seafood entrees, six Signature Seafood Entrees, and six Tender Whitefish & Tuna Entrees. Each entrée is a rich combination of water, chicken, salmon, broth, and chemicals that aid bodily functions. It doesn't have any corn, grains, preservatives, or artificial flavors. 

Regardless of the age, accustomed diet, or breed, this one’s undoubtedly among the best wet cat food options today. 


  • It has an unmatched variety of entrees that come in 24 twin-packs (48 servings).
  • It's also one of the most affordable wet cat foods, given the ingredients and options.


  • It may not offer as much protein as the other items on this list.

Final Verdict

As a pet lover, you probably already know that no single food item will provide everything your cat needs. The best wet cat food item for your pet depends a lot on your cat's general health and potential conditions too. If there's any doubt, always consult your vet before purchasing big portions of cat food. All in all, these are our top picks based on our long experience with pets and vets. 

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