Pupbox vs Chewy – Which Is the Most Affordable Dog Subscription Box?

Pupbox vs Chewy: Which Is the Most Affordable Dog Subscription Box?

Are you looking to treat your dog? Why not get them a subscription box?

A dog subscription box comes with toys and treats to keep your pup entertained throughout the month. There are several dog subscription box services, and choosing the right one for your dog requires some investigation.

Your dog deserves the best, they're your furry friend, and they rely on you for entertainment, food, and shelter. With a dog subscription box, you give your pooch everything they need to get through the month.

This review looks at Pupbox vs Chewy to determine which company has the best option for your dog.

There are treats for training, training materials, toys, and chews. Boost your dog's physical and mental health by giving them a treat this month. Let's unpack the offerings from these two leading companies.

Pupbox vs Chewy Verdict:

When it comes to selecting a winner from the two, we have to go with Chewy. Chewy is more affordable than Pupbox, saving you $4 on the box's cost, even if you go with the 12-month plan from Pupbox.

Pupbox has a puppy-focus when curating its boxes, providing you with training materials, treats, and toys geared towards puppies. Chewy does the same, but it covers Goodie Bags for puppies, adolescents, and adult dogs.

The Chewy toys are also suitable for puppies, while Pupbox has no option for adult dogs. Overall, we feel Chewy has the better offer. It's more affordable than Pupbox, and you get a tailored experience for your dog.

What Is Pupbox??

Pupbox is a dog subscription box service co-founded by Ben and Ariel Zvaifler in 2014. The company experienced overnight success after appearing on season eight of "The Shark Tank."

Ben and Ariel presented each of the sharks with a puppy to pet during the presentation while they went about unpacking the business plan and funding requirements.

The co-founders secured the funding they needed to expand, and today, Pupbox is a global brand with millions in sales.

Pupbox provides a niche offering in the dog subscription box market. The company only caters to puppies, providing owners with puppy-related toys and training materials in each monthly box.

Pupbox Pros and Cons

pupbox logo


  • Training materials come included every month for your puppy.
  • Customized signup for unique box experiences.


  • Only available for puppies.
  • Chew toys are easy to destroy.
  • Expensive compared to Chewy.

What Is Chewy?

Chewy is an online pet store, not a subscription box service. The company caters to the needs of all types of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, and reptiles.

Ryan Cohen and Michael Day founded Chewy in 2011, with PetSmart acquiring the company for $3.35-billion in 2017. At the time, the deal was the largest in e-commerce history.

Chewy doesn't offer you a subscription box service like Pupbox. Instead, they offer a "Goodie Box" for your dog, with specific sizing for small, medium, or large dogs.

The Chewy box is affordable, and it comes with toys and treats to keep your dog entertained during the month.

The difference between the Chewy box and the Pupbox is the subscription service. While Pupbox allows you to set and forget your purchase, you'll have to reorder with Chewy.

However, that's fine for some owners that don't want to give their dog a box every month. Save yourself some cash and get a Chewy box every other month for your furry friend.

Chewy Pros and Cons


  • More affordable than Pupbox.
  • Chewy caters to all dog ages and sizes.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • No monthly subscription service.
  • No training materials included.

Pupbox vs Chewy – What Does My Dog Get with the Box?

What Comes in a Pupbox?

According to Pupbox reviews, every box you receive throughout the year comes with a new set of training materials, toys, and treats.

Pupbox understands owners' needs, and it focuses on providing you with training guides to suit the development stage of your pup.

You get high-quality products included with your Pupbox and five to seven items included in every box. Your Pupbox comes with the following.

  • Monthly puppy training guides.
  • One bag of puppy treats.
  • 4 to 6 additional puppy items, like grooming products and toys.

Every Pupbox gives you more than $40 worth of training guides, toys, and treats for your puppy. You also get free shipping directly to your doorstep each month.

What Comes in a Chewy Box?

According to Chewy reviews, this box comes with treats and toys to please your pup. When ordering your box, you select the option to match your dog's age and size, with options for puppies, adolescent, or adult dogs.

Every Chewy Puppy Goodie Box comes with the following six items.

  • All Kind Puppy Latex Dog Toy
  • Frisco Puppy Lil' Romps Beary Cuddly Dog Toy
  • Frisco Fashion Leash
  • American Journey Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Training Bits Dog Treats
  • Frisco Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Organic Aloe for Puppies & Kittens
  • Frisco Scented Planet Friendly Dog Poop Bag + Dispenser

All the products included with your Chewy Goodie Box change each month, so you won't have to worry about receiving the same gifts again and again.

Pupbox vs Chewy – How Do I Start with Pupbox or Chewy?

Starting with Pupbox is easy. Signup at the official company website, and take the questionnaire on your puppy. After the AI receives your answers, it prepares a tailored Pupbox to meet your dog's training and entertainment requirements to suit its stage in the Lifecycle.

With Chewy, you visit the website and enter "Goodie Box" in the homepage search field. The site brings up all your options, and you'll find the puppy goodie Box in the listings.

Pupbox vs Chewy – What Is the Price Difference

If you're looking at signing up with either service, it's time to check on the pricing. Pupbox is the more expensive option of the two, and you have the following subscriptions available through the official company website.

  • 1 Month Subscription $29
  • 3 Month Subscription $32
  • 6 Month Subscription $34
  • 12 Month Subscription $39

Chewy doesn't have an option for a monthly subscription, but you can configure your account to send you a box every month. The Goodie box from Chewy costs $24.99, and it's the same price for puppies and large dogs.

That makes Chewy some $4 per month cheaper than Pupbox, saving you $48 on an annual subscription cost if you order the Chewy Goodie box each month.

How Do I Start with Pupbox or Barkbox?

Starting with Pupbox or Barkbox is easy. Navigate to the official company website, and click the sign-up button.

The systems AI takes you through a quiz designed to get to know your dog. After completing a brief questionnaire on your dog or puppy, the AI decides what toys and treats to send your dog. The tech makes its decision based on the information you provide and top products for your dog.

After that, choose your subscription plan, and wait for your first box to arrive. Both companies ship you your first box after making your payment, and the companies send all concurrent packages on the 15th of each month.

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What monthly dog box is the best?

We recommend Barkbox as the best monthly dog subscription box available. The cost of Barkbox is less than the Chewy Goodie Box if you take an annual subscription at $23 per month. With Barkbox, you get a value of $45 or more with each box, and the toys are suitable for puppies as well.

Does Chewy have a monthly box?

No, Chewy doesn't have a monthly box subscription, but you can set up an auto-order function on your account to send you a box every month. The Goodie box from Chewy comes with the same value as a Pupbox, and you have options for boxes to suit puppies or adult dogs.

Is Pupbox worth the money?

Yes, Pupbox is worth the monthly subscription fee. Every Pupbox comes with more than $40 worth of training materials, toys, and treats for your puppy. However, Pupbox toys are only for little dogs, and you'll need to change to an adult subscription box service as they enter adolescence.

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